5 Things I Secretly Love About My Daughter

1) She sings to herself very softly when she thinks I'm not paying attention. I can never tell what she's singing but I know she does it when she's really in her own world, when she's happy.

2) Her curls. We're learning how to take better care of them, together. It's so important to me that she learn to love her hair and care for it properly.

3) She's truly the kindest person I know and checks me when I'm being even just a little bit sassy.

4) But she's sassy too in her own sweet, wouldnt-hurt-a-fly's-feelings kind of way.

5) She's so empathetic and kind to others. She's a real-life Disney princess.

6) Her little face when she sleeps. She's my beautiful sleeping angel. I'm obsessed with my kid.💕💖💗