Sunday, December 28, 2014

Amor en LA is...

I am starting this blog with the hopes it will serve two purposes. The first and most important to me is to make more people aware of all the wonderful, sometimes free and cultural events that are always happening east of the LA river.

I seem to be the go-to person when people want to know where to eat, dance, shop, drink, spend a Sunday afternoon, etc. I hope this blog will make it easier to find family friendly, affordable events for my friends and anyone else who wants to know.

Second, in directing audiences and wallets to events on the east side, I hope to show people on the West side and around the world that life does exist east of the LA river. Not only does it exist but it is thriving. It is a different world from the west side and I hope to show the many ways in which people express their love for their city, their craft, their culutre, etc.

I hope to have the following categories to easily search and find events to attend:

-Family Friendly
-Live Music