Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Homegirls Supporting Homegirls

A phrase I've started saying more and living by lately, homegirls supporting homegirls!

I met my friend Itzel at San Diego State back in 2005! We did not become immediate besties but definitely became acquainted and were in the same social circle. 

Over the years, our friendship's grown and evolved as our lives have. We now both find ourselves as entrepreneurs and in a position to continue helping each other grow. 

Itzel and her sister taken their parents small business digital to continue growing with the times. Their beautiful imported huaraches will be available for purchase at our Galentine's Day Celebration on Saturday, February 9th! 

Read on to learn more about their story!

Background Story:
In 1986, our parents started our small family business selling Mexican leather shoes. Being an immigrant family without extended relatives nearby, we grew up as proud Swap Meeteras. After more than 30 years at the San Fernando Swap Meet in Pacoima, we built our own community of lifelong friends, multigenerational customers and resilient hard working families. 

Taking Our Business Online: 

Our collective decision to move our business online is a way of honoring our parents’ legacy. We knew our parents had built something special when adults whose first shoes were put on by our dad are now shopping for their own kids’ shoes!

Where can you find shop for our huaraches?

You can find us every Sunday at the San Fernando Swap Meet at space I-39 in Pacoima! You can also visit us at and sign up to be the first to know when our website launches!

Who do you celebrate on Galentine's Day?

On Galentines day, we celebrate all Chingonxs! The fierce mommas, daughters, hermanas, abuelitas, tias, amigas that continue to uplift each other every day.

You can meet these amazing mujeres and shop their super cute shoes IRL on Saturday, February 9th in Pasadena at Galentine's Day! Tickets available here.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Celebrate your mama, bestie, daughter, sister, prima, your favorite gal-pal for Galentine's Day!
Enjoy adult drinks and snacks or kid drinks, take pics with our photographer in our photobooth and paint a frame to take home!
Come ready to shop beautiful, imported & hand-made huaraches from Mexico, by Pisando Sin Fronteras!
Goodybags provided by Mi Vida!
Ticket info: $15 per person, Venmo @AmorAmor
What you get: wooden frame, all art supplies provided, 2x3 photosticker, 1 drink ticket, cheese platter or 1 drink & bag of chips for the little ones.
We'll have additional drinks available for purchase as well as chips, cupcakes, fresh fruit & drinks for the little ones.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

5 Things I Secretly Love About My Daughter

1) She sings to herself very softly when she thinks I'm not paying attention. I can never tell what she's singing but I know she does it when she's really in her own world, when she's happy.

2) Her curls. We're learning how to take better care of them, together. It's so important to me that she learn to love her hair and care for it properly.

3) She's truly the kindest person I know and checks me when I'm being even just a little bit sassy.

4) But she's sassy too in her own sweet, wouldnt-hurt-a-fly's-feelings kind of way.

5) She's so empathetic and kind to others. She's a real-life Disney princess.

6) Her little face when she sleeps. She's my beautiful sleeping angel. I'm obsessed with my kid.💕💖💗

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Amor en LA is...

I am starting this blog with the hopes it will serve two purposes. The first and most important to me is to make more people aware of all the wonderful, sometimes free and cultural events that are always happening east of the LA river.

I seem to be the go-to person when people want to know where to eat, dance, shop, drink, spend a Sunday afternoon, etc. I hope this blog will make it easier to find family friendly, affordable events for my friends and anyone else who wants to know.

Second, in directing audiences and wallets to events on the east side, I hope to show people on the West side and around the world that life does exist east of the LA river. Not only does it exist but it is thriving. It is a different world from the west side and I hope to show the many ways in which people express their love for their city, their craft, their culutre, etc.

I hope to have the following categories to easily search and find events to attend:

-Family Friendly
-Live Music